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Welcome to any students who have just joined up and a big thank you to everyone that helped out with the freshers’ fayre stall on Tuesday. So the next training/ introductory session will be Thursday 6:30 pm (see training times page). It will be interesting to see how many we can fit in the reasonably small PJM room 😕 If you can’t make it this Thursday don’t worry, just come along next time.  People are starting all the time so you will not be the only beginner…


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Freshers Fayre

The freshers fayre for sports clubs is on Tuesday 29th.  We shall be a mobile operation, with fliers and such like.  Any of you guys that can help us out with signing up new members would be most welcome.  For now we have a meeting place: the sports cage car park, 10am, to assemble and plan 😉

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