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We are lucky enough to be having instructor Cicatriz of Cordao de Ouro coming to Aberystwyth on Saturday 7th November, to give a capoeira workshop.  Everyone is welcome (including people who have done no capoeira before) so invite your friends!  If you haven’t tried capoeira yet, this is a great chance to give it a go.

It will be held in the Buarth Hall (see map), starting at 12 and running till 4:30pm.  Mark it in your diary!  There will be a good variety of different things including movement techniques, instrument playing, etc.  It is a fairly rare opportunity for us to have a qualified capoeira teacher in Aberystwyth, so do come along.

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We don not have the usual venue for the following Thursdays, but have the room on Friday at the same time (6:30) instead:

12th November will move to Friday 13th November

19th November will move to Friday 20th November

26th November will move to Friday 27th November

3rd December will move to Friday 4th December

After that back to normal 🙂

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